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Here’s how it works:

The Bidobee system was designed to make it very simple for all users. Whether you are looking for services or you provide services, BidoBee is your long awaited unique solution!

BidoBee is a fully automated and advanced service matching, pricing, messaging as well as rating platform.

If you are a Consumer (a customer who is ultimately looking for the best deal on service), the first step is to Register with some basic information. Then, you Submit a Request with some details, with the option of attaching pdf files, drawings as well as photos on the service that you need. That’s it - your request will then be sent to various businesses that match your request. Businesses will then submit their bids as well as communicate thru our built-in messaging system. At the end, as a consumer, you decide who to award the business to.

If you are a Business (a product or service provider who wants every opportunity to engage and bid on service requests in your coverage area), the first step is to Register with some information on your business and the product(s) or services that you offer. That's it - whenever a request is submitted that matches your business, you will be notified immediately and you can then submit your bid and/or contact the requester(Consumer) directly using our built-in messaging system. At the end of the request period, the Consumer will decide who to award the business to based on price and/or any other decision factors. Once awarded, you can start on the job promptly. In addition, as a registered business, you may submit requests for any service need that you may have - you don't have to register separately as a Consumer.

It’s that simple!