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General Advertising Agencies

Running a business is a very involved and time consuming process. Taking care of employees, overseeing all operations, and managing costs are just a few responsibilities business owners have, not to mention advertising to promote their business. Some business owners hire advertising agencies to handle these responsibilities while they focus on business operations. Ad agencies are businesses that create and plan advertising and promotions for clients. Ad agencies are separate companies from the client and bring an outside perspective to help with marketing and branding a client's services or products.

Advertising agencies have existed in the United States since 1850 with newspaper ads and have since expanded to other media. There are different types of ad agencies and they can be any size from one person operations to multi-agency conglomerates. The types of ad agencies are generalized ad agencies, specialist advertising agencies, in-house ad agencies, interactive ad agencies, search engine agencies, social media agencies, healthcare communications, and medical education. The different types of agencies offer slightly different services which can also depend on the client's needs.

General advertising agencies are normally creative agencies that base their models in design to create advertising and branding for their clients. Teams within creative agencies create advertising and medium ideas to present to their clients. Some general ad agencies handle media buying to buy time and space for advertisements but clients who only hire design based advertising are responsible for some of the media buying. Creative agencies that also do media buying are a good choice for larger businesses that want the agency to handle more of the advertising campaign. Design only ad agencies are good for smaller businesses because there is no third party doing the media buying which in turn can keep costs down.

When hiring an ad agency, communication between the client and agency is crucial to running an advertising campaign. The agency should be clear on their strategies and ideas and how they will increase business or sales. Clients should also check in on ad agencies to make sure they are providing the services that were agreed on by both sides. Hiring an ad agency is a great way to promote your brand without being distracted from necessary business operation.