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Awnings, Canopies, and Covers

Awnings and canopies are a great way to add a classic, stylish look to the exterior of your home. People have been using awnings dating back to ancient civilizations and they come in all forms and styles. Awning installation companies offer services for both residential and commercial awnings that are normally installed over a window, door, or areas above sidewalks. When looking for an awning installation service, it is always wise to choose one with free on-site consultation and estimate.

Awnings are exterior attachments normally made of canvas woven from acrylic, cotton, or polyester. They can also be vinyl laminated with frames that can be made of aluminum, iron, steel, or wood. Some awnings are made entirely out of aluminum to better handle wind and snow that would damage a canvas awning. They are extremely durable and can come in any color to match your home's exterior. In addition to the durability of aluminum awnings, they also provide shade and cooler temperatures for the inside of your home. While aluminum awnings are permanently set, canvas awnings can be retracted. Retractable awnings are available manually operated or with motorized propulsion.

Propulsion awnings are powered with electric motors that are inside the roller bar. The lateral arms retract with the awnings, eliminating the need for vertical supports. This allows for less obstructed shaded areas and protection against heavy wind damage with the ability to retract. Manually powered retractable awnings come in two types, lateral arm and side or drop arm awnings. Lateral arm awnings are the manual version of propulsion awnings with a crank that turns the roller bar. Side and drop arm awnings can have sides, spring-loaded side arms, and are powered with a motor, crank, or rope and pulley system. Canopies are awnings with support columns that allow it to extend further than regular awnings. Canopies are a popular choice for commercial purposes because of their strength and ability to cover larger areas.

There are many benefits to awnings in both residential and commercial settings. Retractable residential awnings give homes protection from rain and the hot sun. The awnings help keep rain further from doors and windows and also shade the sun from shining through windows. This will lower the inside temperature of your house, causing your air conditioner to run less. Commercial awnings are used to cover large areas for outdoor dining and parties and can also serve as a billboard with a business name printed on it. The shade will provide comfort for guests as well as help lower the energy costs of your business.

With the variety of awning types and styles, it is important to narrow down your options to what is appropriate for your specific awning job. Among the things to consider are the size of the area you want covered, how you want the awning to operate, and materials for the frame and awning. Some professional awning installation companies offer free consultation and estimate services and can aid you on your decision. The color and style options are seemingly endless and give you the freedom to accent your home in a unique way.