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Air Duct Cleaning

We think about air pollution a lot these days with all the emphasis on "going green" but that normally pertains to outdoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution is not focused on as much even though it could be worse than outdoor air pollution, especially considering the amount of time we spend indoors. It is possible to cut down or even eliminate indoor air pollution by cleaning your vents and air ducts. Dust and particles build up in the air ducts and are dispersed into the air of a home. Indoor air pollution can be hazardous to your health by causing allergic reactions or respiratory problems and could be hazardous to the health of pets as well. It is important to have your air ducts cleaned annually to prevent indoor air pollution and to get maximum efficiency from your heating and cooling system.

When looking at companies for air duct cleaning services, make sure to research their methods of air duct cleaning. The only method of air duct cleaning supported by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) is source removal. The source removal method removes dust and other debris without allowing any contaminates to enter the breathing air of a home. With this method, the blower fan, coils, and drain pan are cleaned one by one. During the cleaning, all the vent openings are sealed to prevent debris from entering the air and a large vacuum system sucks the debris from the air duct system into a collection device. A common mistake made by some air duct companies is not properly sealing the vents and allowing the debris being cleaned out to enter the breathing air. Make sure air duct companies follow this method of source removal before hiring them to clean your ventilation system.

The importance of air duct cleaning cannot be overlooked because of the benefits. Debris that builds in the air duct system is dispersed back into the air as the heating or air conditioning runs. Cleaning the air duct system will prevent this build up that causes indoor air pollution, making the air much healthier to breathe for you and your pets. Keeping the components of the system clean will also increase the energy efficiency of the system, causing it to run smoother and keeping your energy costs from rising. Make sure to get your air ducts cleaned annually and hire a company that uses the only NADCA approved method of source removal.