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About BidoBee

In a Nutshell

BidoBee is a unique, simple-to-use application designed to help consumers get the best deal on products and services while enabling businesses to significantly expand their market exposure and reach at internet-age speed and efficiency. It has taken the consumer to business (c2b) and business to business (b2b) model to the next level of automation. The application itself is designed to enable consumers to easily post service requests, have it made visible to the relevant businesses and filter for price, reputation, location and schedule.

How we are different

Win-Win for All

While the application was designed primarily to help consumers get the best deal on their service requirement, it is a cost-effective marketing tool for businesses that allows a Plumber, Contractor, Repair Shop, Masseuse, etc., direct access to potential clients within their geographical coverage area, linked via a real, specific service need. The inefficient use of time and advertising dollars will be a thing of the past for the businesses while struggling to find the right contractor or a service provider at the right price will no longer be an issue for the consumer. Truly, a Win-Win for All.

Behind the Name

“BidoBee” - in addition to having a catchy ring to it, the name itself was designed to describe the bidding mechanism with an intention of helping the service providers get busy as a bee - with the influx of new business that this unique model could potentially bring.